“ARP Professors exchange blogs on creation issue in the denomination: Evans responds to VanDoodewaard” (, June 4, 2012).

“‘Change, Acquiesce, or Depart Honorably with Conviction’: The Unhappy Politics of Creation”  (, December 7, 2011).

“ANE and Creation One More Time, with a Concluding Plea” (, November 16, 2011).

“Ancient Texts and Their Modern Appropriation” ( Blog, October 2011).

“Perspicuity Again: A Surrejoinder” ( Blog, September 2011).

“Perspicuity, Exegetical Populism, and Tolerance: A Reply to G. I. Williamson” ( Blog, September 2011).


“Is Sanctification ‘Synergistic’?” (, June 25, 2012).

“A Question of Balance? Some Final Comments on Sanctification and the Role of the Law” ( Blog, August 2011).

“Sanctification and the Gospel: A Surrejoinder to Sean Lucas” ( Blog, August 2011).

“Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel” ( Blog, August 2011).


“ANE and Creation One More Time, with a Concluding Plea” (, November 16, 2011).

“Ancient Texts and Their Modern Appropriation” ( Blog, October 2011).

“A Layman’s Historical Guide to the Inerrancy Debate” (, February 2010).

 “Comments on Karl Barth, Bruce McCormack, and the Neo-Barthian View of Scripture”  (, December 2008).

“Some Reflections by a Christian College Professor on Peter Enns’ Inspiration and Incarnation (, June 2008).


“A Particular Sort of Depravity” (, December 22, 2012).

“A New and Uncertain Day: What Can Christians Learn from Election 2012?” (, November 8, 2012).

“Is There a Christian Position on Election 2012? (Part 2): Evangelicals and the Politics of Identity” (, October 28, 2012).

“Is There a Christian Perspective on Election 2012?” (, October 19, 2012).

“What’s In a Metaphor? Cultural Conflict and 2K Again” (, October 11, 2012).

“The Culture War Is Here, Whether We Like It or Not!” (, October 4, 2012).

“Obstreperous Islam” (, September 28, 2012).

ARP Church

“Erskine Professor Bill Evans Responds: Trustee John Basie Has a Point” (, June 4, 2012).

“2012 ARP General Synod Faces Tough Decisions” (, June 2012).

“A Most Surprising ARP Synod Meeting” (, June 2011).

“In the Throes of Ecclesiological Crisis: The Trials and Tribulations of the ARP Church, Part 2” (, May 2011).

“Whither or Wither: The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church” (, May 2010).

“Not an Ordinary Meeting of Synod”  (, July 2008).

Confessional Hermeneutic

“The Larger Catechism’s Ninth Commandment: A Case Study in Confessional Hermeneutic” ( Blog, April 2012).

“Towards a Confessional Hermeneutic: Some Suggestions (with a bit of commentary)” ( Blog, October 2011).

Seminary Education

“Whither the Seminary Model?”  ( Blog, April 2012).

“On Choosing a Seminary” (, May 2011).


“On Getting the Puritans (and our contemporaries) Right” (, October 17, 2012).

“Why I Am (sort of) a Sabbatarian” (, August 14, 2012).

“A Question for PCUSA Conservatives: Why Now?”  ( Blog, August 2011).

“Some Thoughts on Foucault and Matthew 18:15-20” ( Blog, May 2011).

“Confessionalism and Pietism: A False Dichotomy?” ( Blog, April 2011).

“John W. Nevin and What Ails Us” ( Blog, April 2011).

“On Liturgical Gnats and Theological Camels” ( Blog, March 2011).

“Carl Trueman, C. S. Lewis, and the ‘Devil Ransom Theory’” ( Blog, February 2011).

“Wheaton Conference Report” (, April 2010).


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